Monday, October 19, 2009

Game Informer: "Inside the Game: Epic Mickey"

I get a mention on page 2 :)

Inside the Game: Epic Mickey

<< While the concepts embraced the long history of a beloved character, Spector’s vision for the game took Mickey in a new direction. Much of that tonal shift was established under the eye of Rolf Mohr, the visual development director on the project in its early days. “I look at our game even now a while out from shipping – I’m prejudiced obviously – but I think it looks fantastic,” Warren Spector tells us. “I gave Rolf a nearly impossible task. I said, ‘We’re creating a world where we have to have this painted, bright, cartoony, puffy marshmallow look side-by-side with this gray, blasted, dark, twisted, pointy, inert look.’” The resulting art style that Mohr and the rest of the team created was a mix of aesthetics, using familiar visual cues of colors and angles to help gamers immediately identify the different objects and creatures on screen. >>

Another one of my concept pieces glimpsed here, at the mid mark:

Disney Epic Mickey - The Art

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